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D2SG is Alan Weber’s marketing consulting firm specializing in turning data into strategy for a wide range of organizations. 


There are only three things we do in marketing.  We get customers, we keep customers, and we grow customers.  That’s it.  Do you have analytics that clearly tell you how you are doing – and what you should do – with each of these three? You could!


Alan brings a fresh perspective to build strategies that make sense, before diving into the minutia of database marketing tactics.  Clients range from B-to-B, Retail, Catalog, Non-Profit, Education, as well as both agencies and consulting firms on behalf of their clients.  Mr. Weber is also a sought after and highly rated public speaker. 


Finding new opportunities, cross-pollinating ideas, and breaking organizations out of a marketing rut are specialties.  Partnering with marketing specialists that need analytics support is a key strength, whether it be an outside agency, or an internal group.  Expect results with clear language and manageable goals that make sense to managers, board members, and stakeholders.


Call Alan to access case studies and white papers relating to your general industry, or to set up a conference call to discuss your needs and discover what D2SG can do for you.


Alan Weber

President, Data to Strategy Group (D2SG)

Direct (816) 868-5553


Cleveland, Missouri



Adjunct Professor, University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC) since 2006

Adjunct Professor, Kansas University since 1997

Author, Data-Driven Business Models

Co-Author, Desktop Database Marketing Analytics Group, LLC

Past President, Kansas City Direct Marketing Association (KCDMA)

Direct Marketer of the Year, KCDMA, 2004

Past President, UMKC Alumni Association